Should I buy direct or on eBay? 

Selling direct saves us money as we don't have to pay eBay fees, thus we prefer you to buy direct. Simply mail us your used teeth or order for new teeth and a check. However if you have not used us before and want a money back guarantee that eBay offers and you feel more comfortable buying on eBay than by all means buy our product on eBay. We have 100 % positive feed-back and working hard to keep it that way. Our eBay user ID is ComCardLLC.  To buy direct please visit our  Contact. page. 

Samuel Atkins, President

Our Service

We replace old worn out Carbide tips on stump grinder teeth for much less than the cost of a new tooth. It's much better to simply replace the small carbide tip then to buy a new tooth.  We also sell some teeth and carbide tips. We are listed on the better business bureau with an A+ rating so you can be sure we provide you with the best service. 


You can pay us though PayPal even if you don't have PayPal. Feel free to request a  PayPal invoice. This will allow you to safely pay by credit card or from your PayPal ID if you have one. You may also print the invoice out for accounting purposes. PayPal also offers money back guarantee similar to eBay. Our PayPal ID is      

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Carbide specialist

Credit Card

At this time we don't a accept credit cards unless you pay through PayPal or eBay. 

Sharpened Teeth

If you have been sharpening your stump grinder's teeth and removed some of the steel under the carbide tip, we can still replace the tip. However we will not guarantee our work when we replace tips on such teeth. The Carbide tips needs support from the underlining steel. The less steel support the more likely the carbide tips will chip or come off. 

Dirty stump grinder teeth

If you send us stump Grinder teeth with dirt close to or  around the carbide tip there is a 25 cent cleaning fee per tooth.  

Item not listed on eBay

 If item is not listed on eBay we are out of stock on that item. Typically it takes less then a month to restock once an order have been placed. Minimum order is quantity 100 for out-of-stock products.  If you don't have 100 teeth that needs tips replaced you are still required to pay for 100, We will give you an in house credit that is good for 2 years. 

Should I sharpen my stump grinder's teeth?

Yes and no. If you are using a green wheel its cheaper to have your carbide tips replaced if you count the cost of your labor and the cost of the green wheel or cheap diamond wheel. This is also the same with most diamond wheels, especially those from eBay for $50-$80. These brownish red diamond wheels originally cost $15 from china.  We have found an 8 inch green wheel (silicon carbide) will grind about 25 small finger/pocket teeth before its wears out. This amounts to more then $2 for small finger/pocket teeth and much more for larger carbide teeth. The reddish brownish diamond wheels wears out about the same rate. There are some good diamond wheels out there that cost less than $1.00 per tooth. If you don't have one of these wheels you are better off replacing your carbide tips. 


Shipping stump grinding teeth is very cheap when you use flat rate mailing boxes such as the $6.80 box and the $13.45  box. You can put unlimited weight in these boxes. You may order them online from the USPS web site by clicking the above links or pick them up at your local post office. Shipping is low as 10 cents a tooth. When we ship the stump grinder's teeth back to you we charge for the actual shipping cost unless stated otherwise.